How gamification is transforming the gig economy?

Gamification is everywhere now. It is a concept widely being used now by businesses by integrating game mechanics into their functioning to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty. Over the last couple of years, the gig economy workforce has significantly seen gamification transforming the way they interact, work and more importantly feel about their jobs. Continue reading “How gamification is transforming the gig economy?”

How Millennials are making their way in the Gig Economy?

Over the last decade and still now, there have been immense job opportunities opening up for the gig economy and millennials are continuing to take a bigger piece of it.  Even the companies have started to attract this kind of workers to get jobs done in a more flexible, cheaper and efficient manner. To support this, a recent 2017 study reports that overall self-employment is likely to triple to 42 million workers by 2020, with Millennials leading the way.

A research by Deloitte has also used data collected over the years of millennials entering and exiting the gig economy which provides us with notable trends of the same that every leader who plans to hire this kind of workforce should keep in mind.

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