Empowering The Gig Economy: All You Need To Know

The expression “gig economy” alludes to a general workforce condition in which here and now commitment, impermanent contracts, and independent contracting is ordinary. It’s additionally alluded to as the “specialist economy,” “agile workforce,” “sharing economy,” or “independent workforce.” You may believe it’s a trendy expression, and you’d be correct, yet the boundless development of new businesses supporting the gig economy (and the number of laborers utilizing them) is a certain sign that the idea of work as we know it is changing. Continue reading “Empowering The Gig Economy: All You Need To Know”

Government announces daily fuel price revision

Since June 16, 2017, dynamic fuel pricing was implemented throughout the country, prices of petrol & diesel have only gone up. The price increase may be gradual but it amounts to a monumental increase if looked over time.

The rising fuel prices fan inflation, jack up the subsidy bill and make it difficult for the government to meet required fiscal targets. They affect households budget directly through increased prices of diesel, petrol and cooking gas, and indirectly through the rise in transport charges that feed into higher prices of most consumable products and services. Higher fuel prices also impact the operating margins of businesses and in turn, government tax revenue.

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