Mobile Banking & Financial Inclusion in India

The World Bank’s Global Findex Report 2017 states that India accounts for an unbanked population of 190 million. Around 48% of bank accounts in India are unused following a formal registration. Given the ubiquity of mobile phones in India, leveraging mobile banking systems for increasing the solutions of financial inclusion in India stands vital. Mobile banking not only eliminates the physical travelling barriers to banks in rural (underserved) areas, it also offers various allied benefits. First and foremost, it is indeed more affordable as compared to branch-led banking and the business correspondent model. According to the Global Findex Report 2017, while there is 50% of the unbanked population in India, 66% of inactive account subscribers in India use a mobile phone. Despite 90% of Indians being digitally illiterate, the easy user interfaces and rising adoption make mobile banking a fitting mechanism to promote financial inclusion.

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