Welcome to Bonfleet!

Bonfleet provides a one of its kind Bon petro card integrated with the Bonfleet app that helps you manage your fleet related expenses efficiently thus helping in

The Bon Petro card comes with features like:

1. Electronic transactions

Say bye-bye to cash and swipe for fuel, toll , service and more with the Bon Petro card. Simply add the amount to the specific card through the app and swipe at any pump/toll throughout the country.

2. Mobile & Web Apps 

Take control of your fleet expenses with the Bonfleet Web & Mobile App. The app is available to download for free on the App store and Google Play store and is very easy to operate. Now get notifications and see the timeline of all the spends/loads/unloads on your Bonfleet admin app.

3. Consolidated Billing

Get a monthly bill for all your Bon Petro Cards. One bill for all fleet expenses.

4. Common Loyalty Points

Now earn as you swipe as you get loyalty points every time you swipe your Bon Petro Card at any fuel pump in the country. These loyalty points can later be redeemed for fuel and other exciting merchandise.

5. Monthly expense reports 

Your fleet expense reports get sent to you at the end of each month thus keeping you upto date with your fleet.

6. 24/7 Support

You can call on 022-39698234 or write to us at care@bonfleet.com and our representatives will help you with all your queries regarding Bonfleet.