Q. What is Bonfleet?

Fuelling your vehicle is an essential task in the daily routine of any transporter/Fleet owner/Employer. Using cash to re-fill your vehicles every day can lead to mismanagement & make it hard to keep track of expenses. Bonfleet provides a Visa/Mastercard card – acceptable across any petrol pump that your drivers can use eliminating the need of cash. You can then use our app to monitor expenses & manage your fleet, export invoices & reports.

Q. Why should I use Bonfleet?

The Bon Petro Card can be used by  corporates and business entities (not an individual)  who own or control a fleet and have felt the need  of a smarter & cashless fuel management solution for  Fleet Management.

The Bonfleet Smart card can also be used by Societies, Malls, Business hubs & Hospitals for purchasing fuel for generators.

Q. How does the card work?

  • Top up the cards balance using a cheque or NEFT wire transfer/ Payment Gateway on our app.
  • Then you may evenly distribute this balance among all cards
  • Your drivers will swipe the cards to make the purchase and enter the PIN for that card
  • On successful transaction – an sms will be sent on your registered mobile number generated or you can check all your transactions using our App.
  • On reaching a low balance – you will be alerted to top-up again

Q. How do I become a Bonfleet member?

Following is the process to become a Bonfleet member: –

  • You will receive your membership pack along with your Bon Petro card.
  • Give the completed Application form along with the enrollment fees to the our Representative (Sales Officer).
  • Let us know when we can come and collect the required documents
  • Method 2: Contact us  on our Helpline number 022-39698234 or email us at contact@bonfleet.com and  ask for an application form to be sent to you or ask for our representative to meet you.
  • Method 1: The fleet owner can install the Bonfleet app for iOS or Android, and follow the signup process there.

Q. What documents are required?

These documents include:

  • Address Proof (AADHAR Card, Voters ID. Passport, Registered Rent Agreement)
  • A Driver’s License
  • An up-to-date Police Verification.
  • An RC – Registration Certificate.
  • Vehicles Insurance.
  • Tourist Permit.
  • One Year Bank Statement
  • TDS returns if applicable
  • Each Drivers AAdhar Card and Driving Licence for kyc

*Please note that without KYC each card transaction limit will be Rs 10,000 only

Q. How long is a membership valid?

The membership is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of enrollment.
Q. What are the benefits of using Bon Petro Card program?

The features and benefits of this are:

  • It is an entirely Online program which gives the Corporate a convenience of Cashless Transactions
  • Both the employer and the employee will get to see all their transactions through their unique login ID and password thus ,the element of secured transactions is suitably bolstered.
  • Ease of accounting is the key feature of this program as both the employer and employee are uniquely identified.
  • Employee: This program addresses the need of employees to keep a track of their voucher/memos as a proof of expenses. Since, all transactions are made through the Petro Card the statement removes any such hassles.
  • Employer: Since all the transactions (Recharge, Fund Allocation, Download by employees) are online so all the data is available in form of statement and reports.
  • Tax Filing benefits :Both employer and employee get the  proof of expense on fuel account which gives a benefit while filing yearly Tax as you have a proof of expenses
  • Saving are generated due to cashless transaction for the Corporate by virtue of reduction in manpower, material (voucher printing) and time.
  • Employee would earn rewards Points for all purchases made through Petro Card which can be exchanged for exciting rewards as per the prevalent rewards program.

 Q. How do I load the  Bon Petro Card with cash?

To preload the Card you can make payments using NEFT wire transfer, cheque or deposit cash in our account . Account details will be provided to you with the Card Please use the same for making payment or you may even  top-up your cards using our application. (charges as applicable)

Q. How do I pay using the Bon Petro Card?

The card will either have the credit and / or prepayment facility activated, depending upon the payment facility that you have availed of and been sanctioned. The driver will have to take the card to the the petrol pump and tell the pump operator the item required to be purchased, the amount to be spent or the quantity. The pump operator will insert card in the smart card reader and ask you to enter the Pin in this way you can carry out your  transaction each time you purchase fuel.

Q. How is the Bonfleet card secure from fraud?

  • Only allowed at pumps
  • Any or all cards can be locked by calling our call center
  • Swiping the card required a 4 digit PIN  

Q. What is the PIN for each card                                                                                                                             

Pin numbers Will be communicated to you.

Q. Is security deposit required & in what form?

Yes, the buyer needs to pay 100% of  the total amount of spend limit as a security deposit towards each card if he/she opts for the plan. Security Deposit is 100% refundable.

Q. Any discount for the users?

We have a reward points system for the User through which they can get some amount of monthly cash back from their purchases.

For Example the customer will get 10 Bon Reward  points for every 100 Rs spent using our card

Q. How can I redeem my bon reward points?

You can redeem your Bon Points at any time after 45 days of the activation of the services by contacting our Customer Care Executive on 022-39698234 after which the redeemed points will be credited on your card which can  be used for purchase of fuel/ services at any pump throughout India.
Q. Is there any link between card user & banks?

No there is no link between card user & the banks, all the money should be paid by the user in the name of Bonfleet Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Q. Is it going to be helpful for hospitals & nursing homes,Hotels & restaurants,contractors & service providers?

Bonfleet Visa / Master Card can be used by  corporates and business entities (not an individual)  as a cashless solution for all their fuel requirements along with that Bonfleet offers you convenience, control, cost-savings, credit, reports, and rewards.

Q. How do I renew my BonFleet membership?

You can renew your Bonfleet membership by paying your annual fees before membership expiry, alongwith details of vehicles to be added on or deleted.

Q. Can I add/delete vehicles mid-way?

Yes, you can add/delete vehicles mid-way for more information on this  please contact  our Customer Care Centre on 022 – 39698234 or e-mail us  at contact@bonfleet.com our executives will guide you.

Q.What happens if the driver loses the card?

If a driver loses the card, he should inform his fleet owner immediately, who in turn should call up the Bonfleet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. or email us at ops@bonfleet.com and request the card to be hot listed. You will receive the replacement card on making the necessary payment of ₹500 per lost card. The pre-paid amount balance if any will be transferred to your new card.