Q. What is a Bon card?

The Bon card, coupled with an app, is an expense management tool where the employer can load on a pre-paid or a Pay Later based system and the employees can simply swipe the card for making a purchase at any merchant. The cardholder can then use the app to monitor expenses & manage the business, get real time reporting and accounting as per the business requirements.

Q. Who can avail services of the Bon card?

Bon provides a “Pay Later” feature  through its Bon Cards to the gig economy across India and SE Asia. Logistics, E-Commerce, Hyperlocal and other 2-sided marketplaces can issue Bon cards to empower their workforce.

Q. How are the credit cycles/limit decided for the cards?

The credit cycle is based on the frequency of the payouts of the company and the limits are assigned on the basis of the earnings of the particular employee. To know your cycle/limits, contact us on hello@bon.pe

Q. How long does it take for a card to be issued?

Card activation  generally takes 7-10 working days whereas the card is issued as soon as the documents are collected from the Customer.

Q. How does the Bon card work?

Employer can load the card using a cheque or NEFT wire transfer/ Payment gateway on our app.

Then the employer can distribute this balance among the cards as per their business requirements.

Employees can swipe the card at any Mastercard approved merchant to make a purchase after entering the PIN for that card.

On a successful transaction – an SMS will be sent on the registered mobile number of the employer and the employer can even check all the transactions using our app on real time basis.

On reaching a low balance – the employer will be alerted to top-up again.

Q. Where can I use my Bon card?

You can use a Bon card at any merchant globally where the employer has approved to.

Q. Am I a potential customer?

Yes, if you own a business or control a business .

The Bon card and app can provide you with  a cashless solution for all of your business requirements & offer you convenience, control, cost-savings, credit, reports, and easy accounting all at just one place.

Q. How do I become a Bon member?

Following is the process to become a Bon member: –

Method 1: The business owner can install the Bonfleet app for iOS or Android, and follow the signup process there.

Method 2: Contact us on our Helpline number i.e 022-39698234 or email us at contact@bonfleet.com and ask for an application form to be sent to you or ask for our representative to meet you.

            You will receive your membership pack along with your Bon card.

            Give the completed Application form to our Representative (Sales Officer).

            Let us know when we can come and collect the required documents

Q. What documents are required?

These documents include:

  •  Address Proof (AADHAR Card, Voters ID. Passport, Registered Rent Agreement)
  •  A Driver’s License
  • An up-to-date Police Verification.
  •  An RC – Registration Certificate.
  •  Vehicles Insurance.
  • One Year Bank Statement
  • TDS returns if applicable
  • Each Drivers Aadhar Card and Driving Licence for kyc

*Please note that without KYC each card transaction limit will be Rs 10,000 only

Q. How long is a membership valid?

The membership is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of enrolment.

Q. What are the benefits of using Bon Card program?

The features and benefits of this are:

  1.  It is an entirely online program which gives a corporate the convenience of Cashless Transactions
  2. Both the employer and the employee will get to see all their transactions through their unique login ID and password. Thus, the element of secured transactions is suitably bolstered.
  3. Ease of accounting is the key feature of this program as both the employer and employee are uniquely identified.
  4. Employee: This program addresses the need of employees to keep a track of their voucher/memos as a proof of expenses. Since, all transactions are made through the Bon Card it removes any such hassles of manual accounting and reimbursement.
  5.  Employer: Since all the transactions (Recharge, Fund Allocation, Download by employees) are online so all the data is available in form of statement and timely reports.
  6.  Tax Filing benefits: Both employer and employee get the proof of all expenses on account which gives a benefit while filing yearly Tax as you have a proof of expenses
  7.  Savings are generated due to cashless transaction for the Corporate by virtue of reduction in manpower, material (voucher printing) and time.

Q. How do I load the Bon Card?

You can use the Bonfleet app to load money to your cards from your Bon Wallet. The Bon walllet can be topped up from the app itself. If you choose a Pay Later Plan then you can load your cards according to the limits assigned in the Bon wallet.

Q. How do I pay using the Bon Card?

Bon Card can be swiped at any Mastercard approved merchants by swiping at these places and entring the 4 digit pin issued with the card. For online transactions Bon Cards follow a 2 Factor Authentication for transaction to take place.

Q. How is the Bon card secure from fraud?

All Bon Cards are secured from fraud with Pin for offline and a 2 Factor Authentication for online transactions. We strongly urge you not to share your pin and other card details such as card number, CVV etc with anyone. No one from Bon will ever call you asking for your card details.

Q. What is the PIN for each card ?   

Pin numbers are communicated along with the card kit.

Q. Is security deposit required & in what form?

That depends on the type of plan you choose to go with Bon. Please contact us at hello@bon.pe to know which plan suits you the best.

Q. Is there any link between the card user & banks?

No, there is no link between a card user & the banks. Getting a Bon Card issued does not in any way imply creation of a Bank account in the Issuer Bank.

Q. How do I renew my Bon membership?

You can renew your Bon membership by paying your annual fees before membership expiry, along with details of the employer and the employee/employes whose card needs to be renewed.

Q. Can I add/delete an employee mid-way?

Yes, you can add/delete an employee mid-way. For more information on this, please contact your dedicated account manager from Bon  or e-mail us at ops@bon.pe  for our executives to guide you.

Q.What happens if the employee loses the card?

If an employee loses the card, he/she should inform their business owner immediately, who in turn should contact their dedicated account manager from Bon or email us at ops@bon.pe  and request the card to be blocked. You will receive the replacement card on making a payment of ₹50 per lost card. The lost card balance, if any ,will be transferred to your new card.

Q. Am I a potential customer?

If you have a business or control a business, using the Bon card and app can provide you a cashless solution for all of your business requirements that offers you convenience, control, cost-savings, credit, reports, and accounting.

Q. What will my limit be?

To find your estimated limit, you can reach out to us at hello@bon.pe