Freelancing was an option earlier to merely make a living without getting into something permanent but now it is seen as a choice by millions across the world for its various boons.

Freelancing has been fostered exponentially over the last decade due to technological advancement, worker’s need for flexibility and being able to work remotely, and the innumerable innovative job opportunities created by the companies to get better quality work and even then save money.

Any industry we see a boom and everyone tries to turn it into a business opportunity, and this has been the case even here. Startups like UrbanClap,
WorkNHire, Taskr, Freelance India, Truelancer, Guru, UpWork, VWorker,  are just to name a few job portals for freelancer making the workforce connect with the companies with a click.

Although this has been a worldwide trend, India felt the freelance wave comparatively later yet stronger. According to a study, India has had 2 Crores + freelancers in 2017 alone and the number is on the rise leaving behind even countries like USA and UK where the freelance culture came earlier.


It is clear that the freelance industry has just started to grow and will establish itself steadily over the years. But there is one major concern associated with it, how the freelance industry will get access to the various benefits like medical insurances, pensions, etc. that the permanent workforce get.

We need to also make sure that the financial inclusion is maintained and for that this freelance workforce needs to be considered, catered and bolstered financially.  We at Bon, bring financial services to this workforce such as taxi drivers, delivery agents, independent contractors, and self-employed workers who are currently financially underserved in India.